What is Sexual Violence?
Sexual violence is a general term used to describe any unwanted sexual activity and includes any act by violence, coercion or manipulation, regardless of the relationship between the parties.

What is Sexual Abuse?
Sexual abuse is when someone is forced, pressured or tricked into taking part in any kind of sexual activity with another person. It could be online or in person, and it can happen to anyone.

Sexual abuse can include (but is not limited to):
  • being pressured or forced to do something sexual or have sex
  • someone flashing or exposing themselves to you in person or online
  • being pressured or told to share sexual images or videos of yourself
  • being sent, shown or given sexual pictures and videos, including porn
  • being given things or made to feel like you owe someone something sexual
  • doing anything sexual without your consent

Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week is the UK’s national week to raise awareness of sexual abuse and violence. Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week occurs on the first full week of February. For 2024 this will be from 5th-11th February.

During the week we will be delivering consent training sessions, please join using the links below:

Consent 101: What Is Consent and Why Is It Relevant to You?
Monday 5th February at 11am. Registration Link
Healthy Relationships: From One-Night Stands to Long-Term Relations
Monday 5th February at 1pm. Registration Link

Porn & Rough Sex: Expectations vs Reality
Tuesday 6th February at 2pm. Registration Link

Online Dating: From Sexting to In-Person Meetings
Wednesday 7th February at 12pm. Registration Link

Nights Out: How to Look After Yourself and Others
Thursday 8th February at 11am. Registration Link

We strongly encourage you to attend Consent 101 before you sign up to other sessions, as this will allow you to absorb the content and engage with the activities. The Report + Support Team will provide information and scenarios to help you understand consent and will ask you to interact with the sessions by answering questions via Mentimeter. Your answers will be anonymous and at no point will you be asked to turn your camera on or answer a question directly.

To sign up for the sessions, please click on the links above (a valid UoG email account will be needed to register).

UoG also offers an online Moodle course on Healthy Sex and Relationships which provides you with training on consent, rape culture and how to tackle it, intimate partner violence and the law on sexual offending.  You can access the course here: Course: Healthy Sex and Relationships-NB1443-2023-24 (gre.ac.uk).

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