So what is 16 Days of Activism?

The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) is an annual international campaign that launches on 25th November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and runs until 10th December, Human Rights Day.

It's to raise awareness of GBV, including domestic violence and abuse, sexual assault, harassment, and discrimination, which disproportionately impacts women and girls (of course, we do recognise that GBV can affect all genders and sexual identities).

Why does the University of Greenwich want to to participate in it?

In essence, the campaign serves as a collective call to action, urging individuals, communities, and institutions to address and eradicate GBV in all its forms. UoG is committed to providing a safe space to learn, work, and socialise free of GBV.

This campaign and events will aim to provide:

1. Raise Awareness: Many people may not fully comprehend the prevalence and severity of GBV. The 16 Days of Activism serves to educate and inform our community about the extent of the issue.

2. Cultural and Social Change:
To challenge cultural norms and social structures that perpetuate violence against women. By engaging in conversations and activities during these 16 days, there is a push for cultural and societal shifts towards greater gender equality.

3. Empowerment: The campaign encourages survivors to speak out, seek support, and empowers communities to take action against violence. By fostering an environment where survivors are supported rather than stigmatised, the campaign contributes to breaking the cycle of silence.

4. Policy Advocacy: The 16 Days of Activism often involves advocacy for policy changes and legal reforms that can better protect victims and hold perpetrators accountable.

5. Community Engagement: University students, as part of a larger community, play a crucial role in driving change. The campaign encourages active participation and engagement among students to create safer and more inclusive environments on and off campus.

How can I get involved?

There will be a range of in person and online events, discussions, and initiatives across UoG during these 16 days to empower students to contribute to a safer and more equitable campus environment. Join the movement to foster a culture of respect, challenge harmful norms, and promote gender equality within our University community.

In-person Events:

Join in a range of events across all three campuses. Please feel free to come along and talk to us on any of the dates below:
  • Tuesday 28th November 10am-12pm at Drill Hall Library, Medway Campus
  • Wednesday 29th November 12-3pm at The Dome, Avery Hill Campus Walk & Talk at 2pm
  • Wednesday 6th December 11am-1pm at Drill Hall Library, Medway Campus
  • Wednesday 6th December 11am-3pm at the Dreadnought Building, Greenwich Campus Walk & Talk at 2pm

A calendar of events ranging from online and in person can be found here.  We look forward to seeing you.   
Women’s Staff Network events for the UN’s 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence | Articles | University of Greenwich

Upcoming online Consent sessions:
During this time we will be running a series of 30 minute online sessions to build awareness of our service and also focus on several topics as part of our Consent Training designed to help you make the most out of your time at UoG.

Consent 101: What Is Consent and Why Is It Relevant to You?
Monday 20th November at 12pm 
Monday 27th November at 12.30pm

Healthy Relationships: From One-Night Stands to Long-Term Relations
Monday 20th November at 2pm 

Porn & Rough Sex: Expectations vs Reality
Tuesday 28th November at 2.30pm 

Online Dating: From Sexting to In-Person Meetings
Thursday 30th November at 2pm 

Nights Out: How to Look After Yourself and Others
Thursday 23rd November at 2pm 

Enough Campaign

For more information check out the Enough Campaign where you can access information on the various forms of abuse, how to stop it, report it and get support. Report + Support and Greenwich Students Union will be supporting this campaign - look out for the beer mats available at the Student Union.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any harmful behaviour or you would like to talk to someone, please complete a named disclosure via the Report + Support website.


There are two ways you can tell us what happened